Friday, 14 June 2013


Back in 2001 when we made hands/birds we did three distinct mixes of the title track. Because of the limitations of the time as the album was to be a 10" vinyl we had to issue the shorter mix, which was actually quite different from what we would have liked to put out.

Finally thanks to the internet and our bandcamp page we have at last Hands/Birds the way it should have been. We have been into the old multitracks and have dusted down the 21 minute version of the main track which you can hear here.

All of our albums are available for any price you would like to pay, even for free.... share and enjoy.


Bender said...

That's some beautiful music there, John. Thanks a lot for making this available. I'll see if I can chip in a few dollars after I receive my salary.

John Siddique said...

Thank you so much Bender. You comment has made my day. I have no idea how to go about marketing or getting this stuff heard, i just make records that I would like to hear, and hope that others do so too.

Please tell others who might get what we're doing here. Even after all this time I think this is the LP I'm most proud of.

friv 3 said...

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